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Sales Analytics Database – for increased transparency

Sales, stock, prices or costs – Automatic integration, standardization, preparation and delivery of all relevant sales data for all partners in a structured and consolidated Channel Database.




Custom analysis of daily updated sales data.


No technical know-how or IT infrastructure necessary.


Consideration of company-specific structures and requirements.

Top Features


Communication forms (email, (s)ftp, AS/2, Web Services, API, Crawling etc.) and formats (EDI, XML, Text, Excel, Datenbanken etc.).

All Sales Levels

Transparently integrated:
Manufacturer ⇒ distributor / logistics partner,
Distributor ⇒ retail
Distributor ⇒ subdistributor
Manufacturer ⇒ retail
Manufacturer ⇒ customer

Data Service

Delivery of consolidated Data as a service, with customized formats and communication forms.


Delivery as a cube Database with customized filters and KPIs to allow for individual analysis with suitable analysis systems such as Excel for Windows, Power BI or Tableau Desktop, or in the Dashboards.

All Data Cycles

Transparent integration of different reporting cycles into a functioning system.

All relevant Data

All data relevant to the sales process, worldwide: sales, stock, costs, backlog, returns, activities, prices, social media, market shares, bonuses, COGS, actual and planned values, forecasts, budget, projections, online prices.


Possibilities for customization

Maximum freedom when it comes to what raw data to integrate, and which key values to calculate.

What are the prerequisites?

Only an agreement with the relevant business partners regarding the delivery and further electronic processing of the data.

Relevant departments and users

Sales, controlling, product-management, management.

What are the steps of the process?

After internally determining the relevant data sources, required key values and necessary filters, get in contact with us. Within a few weeks your sales database will be up and ready for its first analyses.