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Sales Cloud- find documents quickly and easily

In the Drive document manager, all documents and photos created in the system or tied in by users are stored centrally, and can be quickly and easily found using the intelligent search function.




All documents are accessible to all relevant individuals from any device.


Easy and efficient search function to help quickly find relevant documents.


No risk of losing important photos or documents.

Top Features

Smart Documents

All stored documents are allocated based on their context (customer, product, time, task, type, etc.) and can thus be found easily.

Data Export

Documents can be exported automatically according to specifications or based on an individual search, and can then be processed further in other systems.

Powerful Dokument Search

Enables search of all context data.

Many Possible Dokument Types

Images, POs, agreements, invoices, marketing records, and more.

Available to Everyone

All documents in the system are accessible to everyone in the sales process and are not stored on individual systems.

Storage Space

Unlimited storage with fast data access and automatic backup processes.


Possibilities for customization


What are the prerequisites?

Additional VCS products (Invest, Outside).

Relevant departments and users

Sales, marketing, product management, controlling.

What are the steps of the process?

Automatic integration and availability when relevant products are activated.