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Vendor managed inventory for perfect shelf availability


Simultaneously increase sales and decrease stocks. With the vendor managed inventory system Orders you can achieve both. Whether it's a portfolio product, a new product launch or an advertising-supported replenishment. Always the right process.


Benefits for the sales process

Simply increase revenue with vendor managed inventory

Vendor managed inventory is an important element of sales measures, especially in times of increasing cost and competitive pressure. With Orders, you control your process according to your goals and are not managed externally.



Identical process for all sales partners.


Regardless of whether processes are centralized or decentralized. Always correct.


Either as the primary process or in addition to other orders.

Detailed vendor managed inventory process

Top Features

Flexible Order Cycles

Daily, several times per week, or weekly.

Transparent Integration

Thanks to the complete system integration of logistics and retail, we recognize all delivery situations and integrate ourselves fully transparently into the overall process. No matter whether manual orders or promotions.


Perfect distribution of allocated products to ensure optimal availability, thanks to artificial intelligence supported management.

Based on Actuals or AI

Control via min/max quantities, target stock ranges or future-oriented AI defined ranges.

Smart Process Management

From management at the individual product level to automatic management of entire portfolios, many efficient control variants are possible.

And much more...

Logistics optimization, packaging units, multi-supplier option, consideration of demo units, expected delivery dates, EOL management, detailed process rights depending on role in the process, predecessor / successor management, portfolio definition, comprehensive process reporting.

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Cases realized with this product

Management of retail service agencies

Digital services and data enable efficient management of retail service agencies.

Replenishment deliveries for a worry-free order flow

Reliably supply retail chains across all markets using a uniform replenishment system.

Thoughtful management grows your business

The integration of all KPIs, meetings, investments, partners and parameters is the key to your success.


Possibilities for customization

Customized order cycles, flexible strategies for order quantities and order timing, customer-dependent portfolio definitions, a variety of models for ideal process control according to individual requirements, flexible formats for electronic integration (EDI, XML, TXT, Web Services, etc.).

What are the prerequisites?

Agreement with the respective retail chain for an external reordering process, electronic integration of all relevant partners (deliveries, backlog, ordering, stocks, prices).

Relevant departments and users

Logistics, sales.

What are the steps of the process?

After successful preliminary discussions with the relevant partners, we set up the complete process in terms of technology and content. We only need the contact persons and master data (products, sales allocations). After the set-up, we train your employees and accompany you during the first months of the process. In consultation with you, we also take over the complete process management based on jointly defined process goals and KPIs.

Your Contact Person

Peter Krebs

Director Business Development