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Sales Database – increased transparency and more revenue for less cost


Sales, stock, prices or costs – Automatic integration, standardization, preparation and delivery of all relevant sales data for all partners in a structured and consolidated sales database.


Benefits for the sales process

The transparent sales channel - just one click away

Everyone knows the situation: In principle, all data is available somewhere in the company. But that’s when the problems start: Where is the data, how do I bring the individual data pools together, is the data correct and how is it updated? The Sales database solves all of these challenges. For you all of your colleagues in one fell swoop.



Custom analysis of daily updated sales data.


No technical know-how or IT infrastructure necessary.


Consideration of company-specific structures and requirements.

Detailed prozess of the sales analytics database

Top Features


Communication forms (email, (s)ftp, AS/2, Web Services, API, Crawling etc.) and formats (EDI, XML, Text, Excel, Databases etc.).

All Sales Levels

Transparently integrated:
Manufacturer ⇒ distributor / logistics partner,
Distributor ⇒ retail
Distributor ⇒ subdistributor
Manufacturer ⇒ retail
Manufacturer ⇒ customer

Data Service

Delivery of consolidated Data as a service, with customized formats and communication forms.


Delivery as a cube Database with customized filters and KPIs to allow for individual analysis with suitable analysis systems such as Excel for Windows, Power BI or Tableau Desktop, or in the Dashboards.

All Data Cycles

Transparent integration of different reporting cycles into a functioning system.

All relevant Data

All data relevant to the sales process, worldwide: sales, stock, costs, backlog, returns, activities, prices, social media, market shares, bonuses, COGS, actual and planned values, forecasts, budget, projections, online prices.

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Cases realized with this product

Worldwide sales management in a single database

The consolidation of a wide variety of data, formats, currencies and rhythms is now possible worldwide.

Replenishment deliveries for a worry-free order flow

Reliably supply retail chains across all markets using a uniform replenishment system.

Thoughtful management grows your business

The integration of all KPIs, meetings, investments, partners and parameters is the key to your success.


Which formats can be integrated?

All available digital data can be integrated into the vcs Data Sales Analytics database: TXT, EDI, XML, JSON, other web services, XLS, etc.

Which data structures are necessary?

No predefined data structures for vcs data are required. With the vcs data integration technology, all structures can be integrated with the desired and relevant data. Even laborious and complex manipulations are possible.

How can data be transmitted to vcs?

Relevant data can be transmitted to vcs via all common data communication channels: email, (s)ftp, AS/2, web services, API, scraping, etc. Only connection data is required.

Can different data cycles be combined?

The combination of different data cycles of the raw data is possible without any problems. In this way, daily data can be combined with weekly and monthly data. Different cycles only affect the level of detail of possible analyses.

How often is the sales database updated?

The update frequency is determined by the defined service level. Usually weekly is sufficient. Depending on the data to be integrated, however, daily updates are also possible without any problems.

How do I get access to current data?

Current data is automatically available via vcs dashboard after an update of the data sales database. In the individual analysis system, opening the respective report or updating the data access is usually sufficient.

How do I recognize missing data?

The vcs data process ensures that data suppliers are reminded of planned data deliveries in the event of a failure. As a rule, the reminder leads to the delivery of the data. Should it nevertheless lead to a problem, explicit key figures can be used to determine at any time which data is missing.

Is subsequent data correction possible?

Subsequent data corrections due to changed raw data are possible at any time.

Can individual structures be mapped?

Yes, all relevant individual structures can be mapped. e.g. products, customers, employees, financial years, etc.

Is it possible to extend the sales database individually?

Yes, individual extensions with new key figures or data levels are possible at any time by arrangement.

Are visualizations with graphics possible?

The vcs Data Sales Analytics database does not have its own user interface. However, visualization with graphics is possible at any time if desired using vcs Dashboard or other analysis tools.

How does the onboarding work?

It´s easy and stress-free.  Simply name the requirements and contacts at the data suppliers. We take care of all the content and technical details.

Are there any limitations?

There are no content limitations. Customers, products, employees and transactions can be integrated to an unlimited extent.

What is necessary for the use of data?

Only internet access and a corresponding analysis system Is required respectively vcs dashboard.

Can bundles be integrated?

Different variants of bundles can be integrated transparently into the entire reporting process.

Further questions?

Just get in touch with us. We will gladly answer your questions.

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