The vcs Activity Management helps you to keep track of all channel sales promotion activities and their success as well as bonus agreements and your marketing budgets.

Your advantages:

  • Permanent transparency of all marketing activities in the channel with cost down to POS and product level

  • Budget administration, including approvals according to your individual process

  • Proof of budget use according to controlling requirements; no risk in audits

  • Simple impact/ ROI analysis for marketing activities (investment vs. sales results)

  • One web tool for planning, documentation, billing and PO generation


Measure the success of your marketing activities.

The vcs Activity Management offers a variety of possibilities to efficiently plan, control, document and analyze sales and marketing activities in the channel. In combination with vcs Channel Reporting, it is also possible to automatically determine advertising impacts based on sales and to calculate sales-related bonus payments. This makes your marketing measurable, without any manual effort on your side. In addition, you can efficiently control the billing process (via external partners) and understand the use of budgets at the push of a button.


Functions of vcs' Activities Management include:

  • Planning, approval, billing and documentation of marketing activities
  • Integrated budget management
  • Efficient and standardized generation of marketing and annual agreements
  • Automatic bonus calculation and bonus projection
  • Advertising calendars
  • Advertising impact analysis


Make evaluations at the push of a button as for example:

  • What is the current budget utilization?
  • How much budget is needed in the next quarter per product group?
  • What national and regional sales activities are concerned with which individual measures and products?
  • What activities provide the best ROI?
  • How much is the bonus for POS X, up to date, and how likely will it be at the end of the year?
  • How is the performance of my POS towards their annual agreement target?