The vcs Channel Reporting gives you transparency about your entire sales channel and profit parameters. It enables you to manage sales processes more effectively.

Your advantages:

  • Return on investment analyses down to customer and product level

  • Fact-based sales processes and faster decision making based on key figures

  • Online access to all data at any time

  • Increased productivity and reduced cost without dedicated IT and data management resources

  • Data security through the vcs cloud IT infrastructure

Your data is a competitive advantage.

Optimally prepared and quickly accessible key figures for the daily business increase the competency for your sales team and decision-makers in your company.

Manage your data easily.

You have weekly or even daily sales and inventory data, but cannot process it in the transmitted original format (e.g., EDI)? Or the abundance of data to be processed brings your Excel application and your time to their limits? Instead, you want to access standardized reports at any time without any stress and without waiting for your controlling department to provide them?

vcs takes over the channel data management for you.

vcs integrates all data sources from different interfaces throughout the entire sales channel for you. We consolidate the data in a standardized format in our central data warehouse in Germany. This includes data from vendors, distributors, suppliers, retailers, online shops as well as sales and rackjobbing agencies. No matter how many data sources or what kind of format - we convert, synchronize, standardize and enrich existing data according to your specific requirements.

We provide the relevant information in your desired format.

Based on your data we develop individual reports according to your requirements and provide the finished report via email or for download via our web portal. For extensive analysis we provide direct access to our data warehouse through Excel pivot.

Combine KPIs on sales, inventory, visits, marketing activities, pricing and costs in one reporting in order to get full transparency about all profit relevant parameters of your customers.

Examples of Channel-Reporting:

  • Sales analysis at all levels (sell in - sell through – sell out) with target achievement, sales projection and development to previous year by POS, product and employees
  • ROI analysis by POS and product
  • Advertising impact analysis for all marketing activities in the channel
  • Automated bonus calculation on POS and product level for annual agreements or special activities
  • Daily monitoring of online prices of all relevant retailers
  • Inventory monitoring of retailers and distributors to avoid out-of-stock situations and optimally manage the stock range
  • Visit preparation for your field sales team with KPIs for sales, target achievement, bonus, stock, returns, costs, marketing activities, etc.
  • Individual dashboards with a combination of all KPIs that are relevant for your analysis