With vcs Customer Management, you are always professionally prepared for your customer appointments based on relevant data. You can efficiently plan, manage and sustainably document your customer contacts.

Your advantages:

  • Simple sales management and control

  • Fast, uniform and comprehensive scheduling

  • Transparent and complete documentation of all customer appointments, including photos

  • Central task distribution including reminder function

  • Extensive evaluation options


Via vcs Customer Management, you can plan and document customer appointments via smartphone, tablet or PC.

As a sales manager, you have the possibility to create key tasks (e.g. answering a questionnaire) for certain teams (sales representatives, merchandisers, promoters) and customers, so that they can be processed on the spot in the next appointment.

The success of a customer visit is in preparation.

Therefore, vcs automatically sends you a summary of all relevant information about your customer by email before the scheduled date. Alternatively, you can retrieve the information directly from vcs Customer Management online. Combined with the vcs Channel Reporting and Activity Management, the 360 ° visit preparation with sales, revenue development, target achievement, stock, orders, recent marketing activities, costs, etc. will help you to move into a much better negotiating position with your customers, without spending much time in the preparation.

The success of your sales in the work with the customer is, thus, measurable and more easily controllable.

You can analyze the customer contacts including the results of individual tasks easily through web reports.