With vcs Order Management, you ensure the ideal availability of your products and a perfect assortment at any time with only minimal effort from your side.

Your advantages:

  • Up to 35% more sales by avoiding inventory gaps

  • Up to 40% improved assortments and goods presence at POS

  • Up to 4% cost savings through the positive margin and inventory effects

  • Up to 100% efficiency increases in sales and purchasing

  • 100% transparent product control


vcs enables efficient Order Management by processing manually or automatically generated orders.

The unique concept for the (de-)central supply of goods in the stationary trade includes up to daily auto replenishment/vendor or co-managed inventory (VMI/CMI) processes via the vcs web portal, as well as seasonally occurring Excel order services for special activities.

The vcs Order Management requires daily or weekly data on stock and sales of the retail partners, as well as sales, open orders and prices from the suppliers.

In the vcs web portal, all information is transparently integrated so that buyers and sales representatives can control the parameters for automated ordering on POS and product level. Or the parameters are managed automatically by the system.

If the stock level falls below the defined limit, the vcs system automatically generates an order and transmits it electronically both to the supplier as well as to the retail partner (via EDI). Orders are booked automatically and correct. All parties involved can access process information at any time and make flexible changes.

In addition to automatic orders, the vcs system can raise sales opportunities.

The systen generates order proposals and executes them after approval. The manual and time-consuming order processing is no longer necessary for the retail partners involved. Particularly, in the automated processing of Excel-based orders at trade fairs, a significant time advantage is achieved and the attainment of sales targets can be evaluated at any time via the online reporting system.