The vcs Price Management supports you to flexibly manage prices and margins on customer and product level. Backend conditions will be settled efficiently based on actual sales.

Your advantages:

  • Individual, flexible and legal price management

  • Reducing the costs of regulating price fluctuations

  • Stable retail prices

  • Automatic electronic billing process

  • Capable of being integrated into your existing systems and adapted to your individual process


Price-stable brands are the trade's favorites. Manage the value-added potential of your products through vcs' Price Management.

We support you in the management of tailor-made and flexible margins and sales support for each indirect customer. The basis is a uniform handling of the sales price structure from the manufacturer to the distributor to minimize margins. Special prices and individual adjustments to the sales prices are, subsequently, granted and settled as sell-through and/or sell-out bonus. 


In the complex management and elaborate billing, the vcs Price Management supports the following functions:

  • Individual price management on product, day and customer base via the vcs web portal
  • Digitized and automated billing of all bonus types (price protection, sales promotion, performance bonus) based on actual sales
  • Electronic triggering of credits after approval
  • Comprehensive reporting on all activities


Talk to us about the details of your process and we will develop a tailor-made solution with you!