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Business Intelligence in Sales?

With BI solutions for sales, managers can access current data at any time with very little effort. Complex analyzes become a simple task thanks to intelligent key figures and visualization.
Sep 2022
Orders, Increase sales
Vertriebsdatenbank, Sales Database Blog

Sales Database

A sales database is a solution for analyzing all sales activities. The aim is to use the sales database to generate more sales in die indirect sales with less operational effort.

Aug 2022
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Umsatzsteigerung mit VMI, , Boost revenue with VMI

30% revenue boost – how?

The use of a Vendor Managed Inventory solution (replenishment) for brand manufacturers in indirect sales enables a significant increase in sales with VMI while reducing POS inventories at the same time.

Aug 2022
Data, Watch, Orders, Increase sales, Reduce costs

Price Monitoring – Stay Ahead of the Game

The systematic monitoring of market prices is very important for brand manufacturers. This is the only way to recognize where difficult sales situations arise.

Jul 2022
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Channel Data Management for Brands

The management of channel data is getting more and more important in sales channels with a various number of partners. This blog addresses this requirement.

Jul 2022
Data, Increase sales, Reduce costs, Transparency

Data Visualization is Key

Data Visualization is an important step of the data science process. After data has been collected, processed and modeled, it must be visualized for conclusions to be made.

Jun 2022
Data, Watch, Invest, Reduce costs, Transparency

MDF Management: in a good way

Market Development Funds (MDFs) are very important for brands to improve their sales performance for indirect sales channels to consumers.

May 2022
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Challenge sales database

With a sales database for indirect sales to more sales at lower costs – very easily and very efficiently with vcs Services.

Mar 2022
Data, Increase sales, Reduce costs, Transparency

Stationary trade in retail essential?

Stationary trade in retail is important for the optimal structure in the indirect sales channel. How can this be supported by brand manufacturers?

Feb 2022
in general

Control channel marketing activities

Efficient tracking and success control of channel marketing measures in the complex indirect sales model is only possible with a dedicated system that can integrate all relevant subsystems and processes and provides management with the tools to efficiently control this complexity.

Jan 2022
Invest, Transparency

Price monitoring for brands

Monitoring the current price level has been an important task for most brands for many years. In the following, various options will be examined from the industry’s point of view.

Dec 2021
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