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We Are Channel Management

More efficiency. Better processes.

It is our goal to use technology and services to support our customers and partners in the indirect sales process. We automate processes, prepare data for analysis, and integrate systems. So that you can concentrate on the important parts of the sales process.

More efficiency. Better processes.


One insight can make the difference.

Our Values

Security & Trust

We work with your data and control your processes. These are very critical elements for a company. That’s why we have defined values for ourselves that guide our work: trust and security. So that you can feel comfortable working with us, while we work to ensure your company’s success.

Our Team

Roland Wabersich

Founder + CEO

Peter Krebs

Director Business Development

Oliver Pfitzner

Director Operations

VCS in Numbers


Team Members

…almost always in action for our customers



…that are always running.


TB Data Storage

…lots of space for customer data


GB Data transfer / Month

…that’s quite a bit

Our Story

Roland Wabersich founds the company ... not in his garage, but in his basement.
The first reporting solution is available via the Internet. Market-leading brands in the IT industry use the solution to control their sales processes in brick and mortar retail.
The first Replenishment orders for products of well known companies are automated for the retail locations of a large electronics chain.
Introduction of the Channel Management Portal to manage important processes and data analysis online.
First step towards internationalization in the DACH region. Other countries in Europe soon to follow.
Growth and relocation to new business offices in Ismaning and simultaneous expansion of the data centers.
Further internationalization of the company with replenishment in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands.
Significant expansion of the system with the product Invest for the management of channel marketing activities.
Integration of the Euronics and Expert cooperations in Germany into the Orders product, including full EDI integration.
Further expansion of the product portfolio with Outside for the management of field forces and Drive for document management.
Acquisition of the first customer with a global, uniform and always up-to-date data platform for channel management.
Development of the simple price monitoring feature into the comprehensive product platform Watch with almost real time data analysis.
New branding, new website, and continuous adjustment of the system and the new look & feel.