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New branding vcs

Contemporary redesign of the entire brand identity for More insights. Better decisions.

Aug 2021
In general

Branding as the central anchor of the brand identity.

After many years, vcs started the very exciting process of a new brand identity in mid-2020. The objective was to reflect the content focus of our work in a suitable visualization and at the same time to design a modern branding.

Branding as the central anchor of the brand identity

Together with our agency SANMIGUEL ( we tackled the individual topics. We started with a branding workshop in which our brand positioning, brand architecture and corporate design were developed. After a few laps, we had defined the most important points. Now the next step was to turn the many points into concrete things.

  • Color worlds
  • Logo with word mark and word mark
  • Fonts
  • Central claims

The first milestone had been reached. Unfortunately, we were only at the beginning of a long journey.

Structuring from a marketing and sales perspective

We knew that our customers were enthusiastic about our solutions. However, what we offered was not necessarily clearly and logically structured. And as a company, we didn’t really communicate professionally what advantages the use of our solutions had and what we were doing in the background to make the process as simple, efficient and, above all, safe as possible.

We worked out all of this in further work steps together with Sanmiguel and selected customers. We learned a lot of interesting things about the application and use of our products. The results of this step were:

  • Structuring our products from a brand perspective
  • What do we stand for as a company?
  • What advantages do our customers achieve when using our products?
  • New website as the first visible brand element

The theory was thus laid. Now it was time to implement this with a new website. Based on the principle and according to the advertising claims of well-known website construction kit providers, actually done with a few clicks and in the shortest possible time. Well, it didn’t happen that fast for us. Perhaps our wishes were too unclear, our topic was simply a little more complex than other offers, or we changed a lot of things at the same time. Anyway, at some point the time had come and we could launch our new site.

SEO and SEA … seemed to be very easy

Of course we have optimized our new site accordingly with the help of another expert ( Important keywords were found quickly. The integration of these into our texts was also very quick. However, integrating various well-known portals and analysis tools as intelligently as possible turned out to be somewhat more difficult. And although data and the intelligent processing / analysis of this data are our business, we were a bit surprised at the abundance of possibilities. We have already noted some of this for the development of new products and the improvement of existing products.

Further steps

An important lesson in the whole process for us was certainly that we must not stand still and that we have to constantly develop further. That’s why we have a few more things on our to-do list:

  • Constant updates and improvements to the branding, the website and our online activities
  • Redesign of the user interface of our channel management portal
  • New Products

Have you had similar experiences or ideas what we can do for you to gain a better insight into your business? Contact us. We are looking forward to an exciting conversation.

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Peter Krebs

Director Customer Success