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Our vision and values

Businesses develop over time. Central ideas should, however, be retained as guard rails.

Jul 2021
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Our vision and values

Businesses develop over time. Central ideas should, however, be retained as guard rails.

In contrast to many start-ups, when Value Chain Solutions was founded, the focus was less on a defined vision and fixed values, but more on the belief in great products and solutions for transparent and efficient indirect sales processes. Our name was program, so to speak.

Development of vision and values

We have developed a number of great products over the years. And continue to develop exciting new things. Some things were successful, others not. One was rather disruptive, the other a logical addition to existing processes. We have even significantly influenced the change in central processes at our partners.

From our point of view, however, it is not so much the specific products that are more important, but rather the conceptual foundation behind all these solutions. On the one hand the vision as goal and direction, on the other hand the values ​​that accompany us on the way there.

Our vision: One insight can make the difference

In our modern, data-driven world, the problem is not missing data, but how I as an individual manage to use the endlessly available information as efficiently as possible for me and my job in the company. In other words, the best possible combination of the unique abilities of humans with those of computer systems.

Systems can do a few things much better than humans:

  • Collect and structure data from a wide variety of systems and processes.
  • Obtaining information from the extensive data and displaying it nicely in lists or graphics.
  • Make more (with classic algorithms) or less (with artificial intelligence) structured process decisions.

But no matter how good the insight into the process to be observed is, we humans use it to make the decisions that make the difference. Unfortunately for better or for worse. And this is exactly where we see our goal: to enable the decisive positive difference through important insights.

Our values: trust & security

It is well known that many roads lead to the goal. In our case this is usually the decision between “make or buy”. In other words, solving the challenge with your own resources – manually or with more / less technical support – or using an external solution such as the services of Value Chain Solutions.

Regardless of which path you choose as a person or company, the two points are always central: trust & security. This always affects different levels. In addition to the relatively easy to implement technical security such as access protection or failure safety, something else is much more decisive from our point of view. The trust in a process and partner that ensures over a long period of time, regardless of person, that confidential information remains confidential and is only available to appropriately authorized persons.

Thanks to the unique symbiosis of vision and values, we ensure your success today and tomorrow with our products and solutions.

How do you rate our vision and values? Contact us. We look forward to an exciting conversation.

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