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Sales Dashboards – for a better overview

Visualization of relevant content like sales reporting, stock reporting, business reporting or effectiveness of activities. With extensive charts, filter options, and valuable details for the optimization of sales on all levels.



Always Up-to-Date

All information updated in real time.


Optimal information for sales negotiations.


Enables transparent and fact-based management.

Top Features

Extensive Data Filters

Filtering of defined dashboards and reports according to individual requirements such as customers, periods, products, regions or sales assignments.

Graphical Visualization

Use of various diagrams (including bars, lines, pies, areas, maps) or context-specific highlighting (including arrows, colors, markers).


Possibility for simple drill downs to detailed data or expansions of structure information.

All Levels of Detail

Creation of dashboards and reports from top management level, down to operational detail level, according to individual requirements.

Dashboard Access

Delivered in a defined format either actively via smart systems or automatically via email.

Further Processing

Flexible further editing of dashboards and reports in Excel, PDF, as graphics or as printouts.


Possibilities for customization

Integration of individual data structures for customers, products and sales regions. Complete freedom in defining dashboard and report content. Ability to support individual design specifications. Includes flexible definition of data rights at product and customer level.

What are the prerequisites?

Activation of the product Data.

Relevant departments and users

Controlling, sales, product management, management, marketing.

What are the steps of the process?

After the definition of relevant data, the content and design of the individual dashboards and reports are jointly defined. After implementation, there is a short optimization phase before the dashboards and reports begin daily operation.