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Orders: Replenishment for brands in the indirect sales channel

Orders VMI Process EN

Orders (VMI)

Increase revenue and reduce retail shelf stock. Orders is the ideal replenishment (VMI) solution for all brands. One common process for all your retail customers. Quick and easy to implement und integrate in all relevant supply chain processes.

Orders VMI Process EN

Benefits of VMI in the indirect sales channel

More revenue with less stock

Orders was developed in close cooperation with leading brand manufacturers such as Apple. The focus is on a uniform replenishment (VMI) process for all retail customers and all logistics structures. The AI-based process control enables high flexibility. Whether central, decentralized or collaborative requirements. With Orders as a Vendor Managed Inventory solution, you are perfectly prepared for every situation.

Advantages for brands with VMI

Immediate increase in sales

Depending on the actual situation, by more than 30% by minimizing out-of-stocks and expanding the range with the same shelf space.

Significant cost reduction

The intelligent and automatic process reduces costs at all levels: logistics, MDF, order management and inventory costs.

Stronger customer loyalty

Due to the extensive automatic process integration, the dealer is more closely tied to you as the manufacturer.

Simplified planning

The structured, automatic ordering process significantly simplifies and improves sales planning and the production planning that depends on it.

Uniform process

Every retailer has different procurement processes, both in terms of content and technology. Orders unifies these differences and enables an identical process for all customers.

High flexibility

In times of strong competitive dynamics and rapid changes, a high degree of flexibility is necessary. This can be done quickly and easily at any time.

Simple VMI control

Thanks to the easy-to-use web interface, process control is possible at any time without any problems.

Transparent integration

Orders takes all existing (manual, advertising, etc.) deliveries into account and can therefore be used transparently in addition to all existing processes

No process resources required

No own resources are required to implement the Vendor Managed Inventory process. Just for the control of the process.

Detailed vendor managed inventory process

Orders VMI Process Detail EN

Key VMI features for Logistics and Sales Manager

Flexible order control

Via fixed min/max parameters, stock ranges, seasonal or stock forecasts based on AI. Both at the individual market level and at the regional or retail chain level.

Assortments and planograms

Support for different product ranges per customer (retailer or retail chain) or predefined shelf structures (planograms).

Extensive process reporting

All relevant information on the replenishment process as well as detailed information on the systems (ERP, merchandise management) of the integrated partners (retail, distribution, central warehouse).

Allocation in the event of scarce availability

Perfect management and distribution of scarce goods supported by artificial intelligence (AI) for optimal availability. Among other things, taking into account the product life cycle, the degree of distribution and the sales strategy.

Collaborative Control

The entire process control can be carried out by the manufacturer, the customer, an external service provider or collaboratively with appropriate workflow regulations.

More features

Logistics optimization, packaging units, multi-supplier option, line of business support, consideration of demo units, expected delivery dates, EOL management and much more.

Cases realized with Orders VMI

Management of retail service agencies

Digital services and data enable efficient management of retail service agencies.

Replenishment deliveries for a worry-free order flow

Reliably supply retail chains across all markets using a uniform replenishment system.

Thoughtful management grows your business

The integration of all KPIs, meetings, investments, partners and parameters is the key to your success.

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Possibilities for customization

Customized order cycles, flexible strategies for order quantities and order timing, customer-dependent portfolio definitions, a variety of models for ideal process control according to individual requirements, flexible formats for electronic integration (EDI, XML, TXT, Web Services, etc.).

What are the prerequisites?

Agreement with the respective retail chain for an external reordering process, electronic integration of all relevant partners (deliveries, backlog, ordering, stocks, prices).

Relevant departments and users

Logistics, sales.

What are the steps of the process?

After successful preliminary discussions with the relevant partners, we set up the complete process in terms of technology and content. We only need the contact persons and master data (products, sales allocations). After the set-up, we train your employees and accompany you during the first months of the process. In consultation with you, we also take over the complete process management based on jointly defined process goals and KPIs.

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