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Thoughtful management grows your business

In order to work efficiently and successfully, all data should interact cleanly with each other. Building on the sell-out of your customers, all other key figures develop positively. VCS Channel Management offers you a solution that connects all topics relevant to your success.

The Challenge

Bringing together extensive data sources easily and quickly.

Today, there is an abundance of data. Many retail partners provide their daily sales figures and inventories, distributors provide delivery data and backorders, your employees collect other important and usable data in their meetings. The data is supplemented by market shares, new products, investments and insights from online business. The central challenge now is to combine all this data into one picture, in order to work as efficiently, transparently and objectives orientated as possible.

The Solution with VCS Products

Fully integrated channel management.

The central element of the VCS solution is the integration of all data and functions required for channel management, into one uniform solution. Supplemented by best practice methods and comprehensive service, so that our customers can concentrate fully on their actual business: providing their customers with the best possible support and thus maximizing sales and earnings.

Our channel management adapts to the requirements of each user in the various roles of a company. An employee in the field receives an automated and fully comprehensive visit preparation report with extensive information about the customer and comparisons to other customers, in preparation for each upcoming meeting. Operational management can quickly and conveniently store tasks for an appointment, create questionnaires and thus collect further usable data.  Management can reconcile order receipts, goods shipments and capacities with connected distribution, to ensure the most efficient warehousing possible. Replenishment ensures that the customer always has the right goods in the right quantities. The complete reporting system is updated on a daily basis and thus gives the controlling department detailed insight into the business without having to question each department individually.

We consider every possibility and bring together data from a wide range of sources so that you can successfully perform your daily tasks.

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Case FAQ’s

Our customers provide their sales figures on a daily, weekly, or even just monthly basis. How can this different data be processed?

No matter what kind of data you receive from your retail partners, we can align it with our dashboards. We process what your partners can provide, and deliver clear reporting based on that.


Due to our large number of retail partners, forecasting is very complex. How is forecasting supported by channel management?

The planning of a business year and beyond should be a coincidence. Thus, our channel management creates detailed reports at the product and weekly level. Sales developments are considered as well as customer developments and targeted goals. Flexible customization options allow you to implement your company-specific forecasting processes as effectively as possible.


How can I make reports available within my company?

All dashboards are web-based but also available for download in the most common formats. This allows you to share and collaborate on the latest findings as quickly as possible.

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