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Worldwide sales management in a single database

Important insights and enormous optimization potential are offered by a worldwide, uniform database and reporting system. Consolidation and standardization of different formats, prepared with consistent key figures and visualized in standardized dashboards. Optimize your sales process and operate as efficiently as possible - in all countries.

The Challenge

Many different data sources.

Have you ever tried to bring all customer data, such as sales figures and inventories, for ae entire country into a single overview? For a globally functioning dashboard, this is a time-consuming and seemingly insurmountable task.

Considering country-specific requirements and characteristics, uniform reporting becomes a major challenge and is often abandoned, even though it can have a significant positive impact on your success.

The Solution with VCS Products

An up-to-date, globally identical channel database.

Our worldwide database includes specific data and unifies your dashboards globally.

Gain valuable insights beyond your own country’s borders and analyze developments in neighboring countries just as easily as on the other side of the globe. Regardless of different currencies, characters, languages, customer structures or reporting times: The worldwide VCS channel database integrates all relevant data in a timely and uniform manner for individual analyses and dashboards.

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Case FAQ’s

What effect do different time zones have on the channel database?

Different time zones have no effect on the databases. Our systems process data deliveries every day of the week, day and night. Only the data preparation and delivery of the finished database takes place at predetermined times, daily if necessary. These times are defined in consultation with the customer.


We have a very large number of products worldwide. Is that a problem?

The VCS database can map unlimited products. It is even possible to logically combine different country versions into a uniform product. Thus a product can be analyzed uniformly worldwide as well as individually per country or language version.


Different regions of the world have different sales structures. Can this be mapped?

Yes. In the VCS channel database, any customer structure, including differing ones, can be mapped. Exactly as the real world requires.


How are different currencies combined into a unified whole?

Different currencies are standard for us. These are converted in the preparation process to a uniform database currency. For the conversion of the currencies you can choose from several available options. Similarly, there are many different variants available for the price valuation.

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