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Replenishment deliveries for a worry-free order flow

Having many different retail partners also means many different types of orders, requirements and features. VCS Orders ensures smooth and reliable automation of ordering processes, and is directly connected to your warehouses or distributors. Across retail chains - with unparalleled transparency.

The Challenge

Perfect availability in every store.

Every movement of goods at a retail partner creates a task. It is essential to ensure that the valuable shelf space is again occupied by your products and that your best-selling products are never sold out. Retail chains such as the large CE chains, drugstores or grocery stores work with a wide variety of systems. At best, you get access to the respective systems and can see the current situation, but you cannot make adjustments or compare the situation with that of other retail partners.


The Solution with VCS Products

The best in class replenishment system- for all customers.

VCS Orders is the central touchpoint for a uniform system that reliably supplies all retail partners with goods on a daily basis. At the same time, it provides you with essential insights into your daily business. As an interface between the retail partner, distribution and your company, VCS Orders reliably processes up-to-date data. Defined merchandise parameters are agilely reconciled with, among other things, retail partner sales, distribution backlogs, possible delivery bottlenecks and seasons. Even the highly varying strength of the regions is taken into account. Thus, VCS Orders becomes an intelligent control unit for your entire flow of goods.

Overstocks, old goods and the wrong prioritization when distributing goods to different regions are a thing of the past. Instead, let the goods be directed where it will be most profitable for you and your partners.

Combined with transparent dashboards, you won’t miss a single detail and will gain valuable insights.


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Case FAQ’s

In which rhythms does VCS Orders supply our retail partners?

The orders, e.g. after a successful sale on the previous day, are generated based on the specific data of the retail partner and transmitted to your warehouse or distributor. The rhythm can be individually adjusted. Daily, several times a week, once a week or according to individual requirements. It’s completely flexible.


How does VCS Orders avoid our retail partners ordering goods at the same time?

The orders planned and placed are not only transmitted to your distributor, but are also simultaneously entered into the retail partners’ system as open orders and backorders. This way, each store has a precise overview of its flow of goods, directly in its own merchandise management system.


Seasons, trends and promotions influence the flow of goods. Can you ensure all of this is considered?

Using historical data, investment plans in VCS Invest and sudden increases in sales, VCS Orders analyzes every requirement of the retail chains and alerts you to possible changes in direction. A wide range of data is taken into account for a reliable replenishment system.


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