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Invest: Tracking, RoI analysis and budget control


Process-efficient and transparent management of the channel marketing budget. Invest is the SaaS solution for the entire MDF budget for brand manufacturers in indirect sales. Audit-proof, of course!


Benefits for the sales process

Planning and control of all channel activities

Budget surprises at the end of the year or we have done the campaign always like this. With invest MDF management there are no more surprises. With Invest you can concentrate on successful campaigns and thus generate more sales with the always tight channel marketing budget.


Performance Monitoring

Automatic calculation of the ROI of specific measures.


Complete transparency of all activities at all times.


Uniform, consistent and auditable processes.

Detailed process of MDF management

Top Features

Dynamic Bonus Calculator

Daily updated calculation of dynamic bonus agreement.

All Activities

Advertising, space, various options for bonus calculation, annual and marketing agreements, promotions, online clicks, etc.

Product Allocation

Flexible allocation of individual products incl. success planning based on Sell In and/or Sell Out.

Different Levels of Detail

Activities are flexibly adjustable: customer, regions / groupings, entire retail chain, country / region.

Performance Monitoring

Daily determination of the success of actions and comparison with costs and planned values.

Supplementary Processes

PO management, budget management, promotional materials, billing control – with own employees or partners.

Cases realized with this product

Replenishment deliveries for a worry-free order flow

Reliably supply retail chains across all markets using a uniform replenishment system.

Thoughtful management grows your business

The integration of all KPIs, meetings, investments, partners and parameters is the key to your success.

Falling sales prices are an annoyance for everyone

Discussions about falling sales prices could soon be a thing of the past. Because you will know where to look.

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Can Invest be customized?

Yes, Invest can be adapted to individual process requirements in many relevant areas.

How is the ROI controlled?

To calculate the ROI, the Invest algorithm analyzes the available Sales reporting on a daily basis and automatically  recognizes the regular Sales and the increase based on the indicated activity.

Are there data restrictions?

No, unlimited activities can be managed through the process.

A campaign has several products. Is that possible?

Yes, that can be represented without any problems. Any number of products can be assigned to each promotion. Each individual product can be planned individually.

Can sell in and sell out campaigns be planned?

Yes, both levels can be planned individually. Depending on the needs of the channel marketing activity.

Can the data be used in other systems?

Yes, relevant data can be transferred to other systems via an individually defined process and an interface to be coordinated.

What is the advantage versus Excel as a tool?

In addition to optimal compliance support, the big advantage lies in the areas of process standardization, workflow automation and optimal analysis of the entire channel marketing process.

Can Excel be used as an alternative embedding system?

Yes, via a defined interface, Excel can be used as the basis for the Invest Process Workflow and other analyses.

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