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Falling sales prices are an annoyance for everyone

Increase your added value and that of your retail partners with fewer price battles at the cost of your products. VCS Watch monitors price developments at very short intervals and informs you about changes in the market environment. Price driving retail partners are identified. So you can ensure a price stable environment.

The Challenge

Who was the first to lower the price and on how many occasions?

Every day, many hours are spent discussing current market prices. Meanwhile, profits are dwindling progressively. After a few minutes, it is hard to see where exactly the price drop started. So additional money is needed to keep your retail partners happy and successful.

If the low prices attract the attention of your major partners, it is often too late to act. Yet the prices arise from unmanaged partners who may be suffering from legacy issues or are trying to establish themselves in the market. VCS Watch gives you a detailed overview that price comparison sites do not offer.

The Solution with VCS Products

See exactly who the black sheep are at the touch of a button.

VCS Watch will not stop internet price wars, but it will provide you with the transparency you need to tackle this problem. In very short intervals, VCS Watch retrieves the current sales prices of predetermined retail partners from the Internet and thus actively informs you about changes in the market environment. The frequency can be customized and your Watch thereby tailored to your requirements.

You get clear insights into the price development on the market and about the most active retail partners. A short-term lower price can lead to higher profits if the promotion results in significantly higher sales. VCS Watch performs these analyses for you based on the sell-out data and compares them with VCS Invest to determine whether the promotion was controlled and supported by you. Thereby offering a complete examination of all aspects, which combined, lead to additional profit or loss.

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Case FAQ’s

We have a very large portfolio, yet only about 100 products are important to us in the analyses. Can we configure VCS Watch to only monitor the important products?

VCS Watch is configured to meet your needs and can be adjusted at any time. Thus, only a few of your products can be reported, or your entire product range. New products can also be integrated quickly. You can even integrate your competitors’ products.


Our recommended retail price has been undercut.  How do I find out when this happened?

In our detailed reports you can see the price development of your products and every change in the price at the customer level. Either on a daily basis or according to the update frequency. You will thus know exactly when a new sales price was adopted by your retail partners.


What additional analyses does VCS Watch provide me with?

When combined with VCS Invest, promotions you know about and support can be displayed separately. If the new price point is more successful, the resulting uplift in sales can also increase your profit. VCS Watch calculates the uplift based on sell-out data and historical sales figures at the former selling price.


Which retail partners are reported to me?

Almost all known and relevant retail partners can be integrated into VCS Watch. We build VCS Watch exactly the way you want it.

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