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Management of retail service agencies

The management of retail service agencies has historically been very people-focused. Be it to retailers, but also to brand manufacturers. More and more, however, digital processes and the optimal use of existing data are becoming decisive for success - both for the agency and for the client.

The Challenge

Retail agencies are experts, but not nerds

The core business of retail agencies is the excellent implementation of commissioned sales and marketing tasks. And the optimal management of the relationship with those responsible for the brand. The digital monitoring of the processes and the use of the data should ideally be as simple as possible with standard systems such as Excel or dedicated systems for e.g. the management of the sales system.Because with “as simple as possible” the very extensive requirements cannot usually be solved. On the one hand, the monthly number and the variety of data to be processed is usually very extensive. This data has to be processed in a variety of ways for a wide variety of requirements in reports or dashboards to produce usable information. Unfortunately, not just once, but at least every week. On the other hand, there are of course special solutions for every task of a retail service agency. However, being able to use this as efficiently as possible in an integrated process with regular new data is a completely different question.

Solution with vcs Products

Integrated data and process management for retail service agencies

Through extensive use of the vcs solution for channel management, the agency can concentrate on the core tasks and implement them with optimal results. All relevant vcs products can be used as an integrated overall solution. Or selected vcs products can be combined with specialized applications. vcs always ensures perfect and, above all, automatic data and function integration.Of course, agency-specific requirements can also be mapped. For example, the entire process chain can be structured according to manufacturer without any problems. Individual requests from manufacturers for analyzes or dashboards can also be implemented. In this way, the existing options become an individual agency solution, with which processes can be achieved more efficiently and goals more cost-effectively.

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Case FAQ’s

Can customers of the agency have access to the solution?

Yes, of course customers can have access to the system. Both functions, dashboards and data can be set accordingly.

What are the data restrictions?

There are no technical restrictions on the number of manufacturers, customers, products or users.

Which external systems can be integrated?

All relevant external systems can be integrated. The type of integration depends on the interfaces of the external system. The vcs data and process world is open to all data structures and all communication channels.

What is a possible way to start the project?Ideally, a common project goal is worked out at the beginning. And then started very pragmatically with the integration of the first data. In joint coordination, we then go step by step towards the jointly defined goal.

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