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Manage investments transparently and sustainably

The number of investments is increasing annually. At the same time, the expenses should be managed and accounted for according to company specifications, as well as always being verifiable. Countless tables make it difficult to maintain a clear overview, multiple trading partners can lead to overlaps, and the product selection could often have been better.

The Challenge

Unclear budgets and way too many spreadsheets.

It’s easy to get bogged down when requests for marketing funds are piling up and need to be processed. You want to use the money where the ROI is the highest and where it will be most profitable for your company. However, budget guidelines, approval processes and documentation must also be maintained so that decisions can be transparently substantiated.

Without a central system and a smooth process in place, inconsistencies and unanswered questions are inevitable. VCS Invest supports you, your team and your company in ensuring you retain a clear overview.

The Solution with VCS Products

Well structured marketing activities.

With VCS Invest Management, your employees can quickly generate structured requests. Approval takes place according to the individually customizable approval process and a budget allocation. Documents required for accounting can be uploaded within the independently assigned case number, thus recording every expenditure of marketing funds. Through targeted and detailed advertising success controls, you can determine the most successful products and leverage them strategically in subsequent advertisements – maximizing your ROI.

All marketing activities and budgets can be viewed and tracked transparently in a reporting system. The perfect interface between marketing, sales, finance and controlling. Additional VCS products allow you to link your investments to all your other measures and simplify your workflows – allowing everyone to work hand in hand.

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Case FAQ’s

Who decides whether an investment is approved or rejected?

The approval process can be customized to your specifications. For example, specific people can be authorized to give approval and allocate budgets.


Our investment is a long-term campaign. How can this be documented?

Each case receives its own ID. Within this ID, any number of supporting documents (photos, documents, etc.) can be uploaded. VCS Outside reminds your field staff of their investment and to upload new documentation, on specific dates. The new documents can then be conveniently created and uploaded via smartphone.


How can Invest increase my ROI?

Using sell-out data, Invest calculates the increase in sales within the promotional period and subsequent weeks, compared to previous weeks. Focus on the products that have generated the most growth and avoid experimentation in valuable advertising efforts.


To pay out marketing activities, our clients need specific billing numbers. Can this be maintained in Invest?

Each billing number can be customized to your company’s specifications and applied on an ongoing basis. For each payout, Invest creates a PDF with a customizable design, that can be conveniently sent to your customers by email.

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