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Selective sales process

No brand manufacturer wants their own products to be sold to the end customer via unsuitable dealers and only at the lowest possible street price. One way to do this is through the selective sales process with only authorized dealers. A professional data process that supports the sales content as efficiently as possible is crucial for successful implementation.

The Challenge

Difficult to implement without professional data processes

Implementing a selective sales process is a very complex undertaking. First and foremost from a purely sales point of view. Planning, implementation and the permanent adaptation to situations require outstanding sales managers, innovative managing directors, well-planned processes and professional data processes. However, successful implementation ensures extensive advantages: stable street prices, satisfied sales partners, satisfied end customers, more targeted use of the channel marketing budget and much more.

Solution with VCS Products

Targeted process support for a selective sales process

By using different vcs products, the selective sales process can be effectively controlled and implemented. The starting point are the products DATA and DASHBOARD. This means that the entire flow of goods from production to the retailer in all countries is made transparent. Every retailer who has bought products through authorized distribution channels can be clearly identified. In the case of more expensive products, it is optionally possible to integrate the serial numbers of the products into the analysis process and thus identify specific delivery routes, even across national borders.WATCH can now be used to determine in detail where which products are sold and at what prices. Of course, unauthorized dealers who offer their products on the Amazon Market Place or on price search engines are particularly relevant. By comparing the deliveries and the dealer master data, you can quickly identify which dealers are not problem dealers. If serial number tracking is active, a mystery shopping can also be used to determine through which authorized channel the relevant product was placed on the market.

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Case FAQ’s

Does the selective sales process only make sense in one country?

No, that doesn’t make sense. Nowadays, procurement processes for dealers can be carried out internationally without any problems. With international products, for example, a product can be bought in Poland and resold via a German online shop. Thus, the selective sales process only makes sense if larger sales regions such as Europe are fully integrated.

How fast can the vcs data process be used?

Depending on the scope of the data streams to be integrated and the countries/marketplaces to be monitored, a setup is usually possible within 4-12 weeks. The better the preparation and the more active the support of the process at the brand manufacturer, the faster the setup will go.

Are there limitations?

Finally, there are only limits that result from the available data sources and the budget that can be used for the data process. There are no technical or content restrictions.

Is a complete solution necessary right away or is there a slow start?

The path to the goal of comprehensive process support is very pragmatic. Simply start with the most important content and then optimize the system and the process piece by piece together with the vcs experts.

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Director Customer Success