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Market monitoring and price analysis for e-commerce

Watch - market price analysis Overview EN

Watch - Price Analysis

Time savings and more revenue through detailed market knowledge. Watch is the SaaS solution for market price analysis and monitoring for brand manufacturers. With AI-based retailer identification and specific manufacturer key figures.

Watch - market price analysis Overview EN

Market Price Analysis for Brands

More revenue with less surprises

Watch was developed explicitly for the requirements of brand manufacturers in indirect sales. Watch market price analysis knows all of your customers in e-commerce and in brick-and-mortar retail. With extensive market price analysis key figures for manufacturers, AI-based retailer structuring and intelligent product structuring. This saves you time on the tedious routine tasks of price analysis and monitoring, avoids the stress of surprises and allows you to generate more sales.

Benefits of market price analysis for brands

No price adjustment goes unnoticed

Permanent (24/7) automatic and reliable market price analysis of the entire indirect sales channel (marketplaces, shops) including extensive data history.

50% time saving

Up to 50% increase in efficiency in the price analysis tasks versus manual comparison or to non-manufacturer-specific systems.

Detecting channel conflicts

Unauthorized dealers, possible gray imports or price dumping are quickly identified with watch price analysis and can be addressed proactively.

Identify retailer pricing strategies

Through the long-term market price analysis of price behavior, price strategies can be recognized and used successfully in sales arguments.

Identification of competitive actions

By integrating competing products in the price analysis, you can immediately see which price campaigns your direct competition has started and can react quickly

Better sales pitch

Thanks to the professional preparation, you are always one step ahead of your customer in the argumentation of market price analysis and can react professionally to objections.

Detailed process of Watch price analysis and monitoring

Watch - market price analysis Process Detail EN

Key features of market price analysis and monitoring

Price Overview

Market price analysis with an overview list of the lowest prices per product including important KPIs and direct links to the offers.

Price History

Detailed graphical and tabular market price analysis of price history over different time periods and retailers.

Dealer Analytics

Targeted recognition of the price behavior in the market price analysis of all retailers with specific key figures, e.g. initiator or intensity.

AI based Retailer Identification

Retailer from different data sources are synchronized and important data structures. Incorrect market price analysis due to duplicates are not possible.

Price Alerts

Automatic transmission of price alerts when prices per product fall below defined values.

Intelligent SKU structuring

The same products with different article numbers can be intelligently restructured in the analysis. Analyzes are thus even more targeted.


Export of all relevant data for further individual analysis, manual or automated.

Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard for clear, fast and flexible market price analysis for brand manufacturers.

Cases realized with Watch Market Price Analysis

Management of retail service agencies

Digital services and data enable efficient management of retail service agencies.

Selective sales process

Complex but very effective. A professional data process for the efficient implementation of the selective goto market strategy.

Falling sales prices are an annoyance for everyone

Discussions about falling sales prices could soon be a thing of the past. Because you will know where to look.

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Which data sources can be integrated?

In principle, all data sources can be integrated into the Watch data process with a website or a data interface. In the case of data sources that have not yet been integrated, vcs checks the technical feasibility and which content can be integrated into the data process in advance.

Which requirements are necessary?

No other vcs services are required to use the watch service.

What is the pricing model like?

Building on a base price for the use of the watch service, the further price model depends on the desired scope: These are the number of products, the number of data sources and the data query cycle. Likewise, the extent of the integration into other vcs products such as Data or Invest.

How quickly can relevant products be changed?

Relevant products can be added or removed at any time.

Is it possible to further process data individually

All data generated on behalf of the customer can be made available for individual further processing or storage. Either via an export of the “All prices” report or via automated processes to be agreed.

Is there a price history?

All data is stored long-term in the vcs Channel data warehouse and can be used or exported at any time for long-term analyzes.

Which products can be integrated?

All desired products can be integrated into vcs Watch. Both your own and those of relevant competitors. The analyzes then run across all defined products.

Can you make adjustments to dashboards?

Yes, existing dashboards can be adapted in coordination with vcs. It is also possible to develop new dashboards for extended requirements.

Which use cases with other products are possible?

With the data and process-integrated model, basically all data can be combined with Watch. Be it sales, inventory or channel marketing activities. Examples are price elasticities, integration in visit preparation reports or for an annual meeting dashboard.

How often is data requested?

vcs Watch runs 7×24. This means that all data is continuously queried and analyzed depending on the selected service level. Regardless of vacation, illness or other priorities. This means that no changes are lost.

What is necessary to use Watch?

All you need is internet access.

Further questions?

Just get in touch with us. We will gladly answer your questions.

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