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Sales Controlling – for all channel activities

Sales controlling for all sales promoting initiatives (MDF, WKZ) in the indirect sales channel. The integration of daily updated sales numbers allows for access to performance reviews and bonus payment projections anytime.



Performance Monitoring

Automatic calculation of the ROI of specific measures.


Complete transparency of all activities at all times.


Uniform, consistent and auditable processes.

Top Features

Dynamic Bonus Calculator

Daily updated calculation of dynamic bonus agreement.

All Activities

Advertising, space, various options for bonus calculation, annual and marketing agreements, promotions, online clicks, etc.

Product Allocation

Flexible allocation of individual products incl. success planning based on Sell In and/or Sell Out.

Different Levels of Detail

Activities are flexibly adjustable: customer, regions / groupings, entire retail chain, country / region.

Performance Monitoring

Daily determination of the success of actions and comparison with costs and planned values.

Supplementary Processes

PO management, budget management, promotional materials, billing control – with own employees or partners.


Possibilities for customization

Customized process workflows, customized PO form, flexible integration of billing partners, customized forms for agreements.

What are the prerequisites?

Addtional VCS Products (Data, Drive).

Relevant departments and users

Controlling, marketing, sales, product management, management.

What are the steps of the process?

Joint analysis of the current process for managing sales investments. Based on this analysis, development of the customized data-driven process with individual implementation in the system. After a training phase, start of the initially supported process.