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Field Sales Management - efficient and effective

Centralized sales force management for all relevant areas (sales, promotion, merchandising) with current data available anytime. Includes analyses of the success and activities of the whole team.




Optimally informed for appointments through the Visit Preparation Report, for example.


Comprehensive management through perfect integration with other products.


Centralized management and control of the entire field sales team.

Top Features

Visit Preparation Report

Automatic generation of a visit preparation report in the appointment and by email: sell-in, sell-out, inventory, inventory range, status of agreements, last appointment, etc.

Smart Task Management

Central definition of tasks and context-specific allocation to the different appointment types, customers, repetition frequency, etc. with different task types including questionnaires, MDF proof, new product launches, testing replenishment parameters.

Comprehensive Documentation

Comments, file upload (for example of pictures), or structured via questionnaires.

Various Visit Types

Context specific visit logics depending on the type of visit e.g. normal appointment, promotion, merchandising, KAM appointment etc.

Calender Integration

Integration of acceptances and cancellations of all participants required for an appointment incl. personal calendars.

Calender Overview

Quick overview of the activities of the entire sales team.


Possibilities for customization

Personalized visit preparation report and questionnaires.

What are the prerequisites?

Additional VCS products (Data, Drive).

Relevant departments and users

Sales, marketing.

What are the steps of the process?

Analysis of the current visit process and adaptation of the system including individual visit preparation report.